Temple Offertory and Contributions (Donation)
210 Countries need-any sort of "VISA" indian to travel abroad--H-1B,---H-4--VISA , perform your puja seek the divine blessings *** Puja abhishekham package rs 1650/- the divine prasadam will be sent to the devotees address within india.
Sri Lakshmi Visa Ganapathi Temple@just Nanganallur in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Welcome to Visa Temple

The Hindu Temple is a place of worship for devotees of the Hindu religion

Professionals students & other visa seekers applicants come out of your obstacles seek the divine blessings perform your name nakshtra gothra a special abhishekham to the divine for all zodiac sign performed on fridays-sundays sangade hare chathurthi pradosham pournami monthly chathrthi and on hindu festival days also on birthday wedding days school going little ones and children to come out of exam fear, "Senior Citizen" sathabhishekham, Shastiaptha Poorthi, Bhima Ratha Shanti, etc the abhishekham performed by the renowned sivacharya may we all take the divine blessings.



Shasthi Poorthi


Bhimaratha Shanthi



The Temple offers Various Religious Services

While it's primary goal is to serve residents of the capital district, visitors from all over the world take part in its activities